Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life of Mar Bursouma

Mar Bursouma was born as the son of Hanoch and Sakiya in a beautiful village called Outon which is in Shmisath. Sudden death of his father and the second marriage of his mother made him abandoned, though he stayed with them.

Mar Bursouma’s only desire was to become a mock (Saniasi), As per his desire he met St.Abraham in a forest. From where he was taken to a Dayara, where Bursouma got the training and the life with the resides over there made him to be firm in faith. .

After the death of Abraham Bursouma put a hard cloth and often went on pilgrimages to different place in Palastine. Meanwhile the believers made a Dhayara for him and he by the compulsion of the fellow believers started staying there.

During a summer night as he went for a walk, he had a vision from God, and then on he took the standing posture. Then on he never sat and accepted the humbling submission before God.

In course of time there were several clashes in the church (Dhayara) regarding the disciplines. Fed up of all the conspiracies Bursouma traveled to several places strengthening the believers in their faith and admonished them to renew in their commitment. Life of Bursouma reflects the path of a righteous suffers, his name is paraphrased as the ‘head of the sadness people’ (‘Dukkithanmaril thalavanya Marbursouma’) .The meaning of word Bursouma is ‘Noyambintae Puthran’. He Underwent through agonies and persecution, but the God of Justice raised a banner for him and made the people who persecuted him to be trembled.

Time span he held on this earth was spent in tearful prayers. Dress which he had was Sack and an Iron coat. Natural changes never affected his life style. He had fruits and nuts which made him to be contended in his earthly life..

During his earthly ministry he healed the sick, prayed for the weak and the oppressed, the doors of heaven to be open for rain, and then made the dry Oasis to be overflowed. The signs and the miracles which he did still remains as a real lectionary till today..

Bursoumas years of signs and miracles still penetrate the hearts of people to seek the path of righteousness. In the end days of Angel of the Lord Said” you have to be with th e lord with in 4 days”. As he finished has life journey on AD457 February 3rd he made the mark of a true god’s servant, in his deeds rather than his words..


Mar Bursouma Orthodox Church is situated in the north eastern part of Vallicode Panchayat which is in PAthanathitta district.Exact location of the church is in Konni-Chandanapally road,just half kilometer from kidanjjethu junction and one and half kilometer from Thazhoor kadavu on a beautiful mount named ‘Shalom Kunnu’..

Early days the people from the Vazhamuttom east used to attend the Worship in Mar Behanan church, Vazhamuttom west. Due to some inconvinencies because of r ain and certain other things they thought of church of their Own.As a matter of fact according to Malayalam Era 1109 Chinggam 15; a was formed for the people from Vazhamuttom east. As per the English calendar 4th, 5th June,1939 Bishop Puthencavil(Puthencavil thirumeni) Dedicated the new church , named Mar Bursouma Orthox Church.

In the early phase of the church 41 families along with 140 houses become the regular member’s .As days went by the church started flourishing with many families who are firm and committed. As per the church account, at present we have 5 people who are been trained for priests.(one remban, three fathers and one decan) . Because of the lack od space,in the church, the church is extended little more and the new church was finished on Feb8,2002.

1983 February 6- 13 church celebrated its Silver Jubilee and in 2008 we celebrated Platinum Jubilee of our church..